Proof of Heaven–and Constellations Also?

Proof of Heaven–and Constellations Also?

by Michael Reddy, Ph.D.

Ancestral family systems affect our current lives–too often for the worse. This truth is emerging these days on many fronts. The San Diego Constellation Conference is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in this important perspective.

Meanwhile, here’s a fascinating story that confirms our ongoing connection to ancestors in an unexpected way. Dr. Eben Alexander’s Near Death Experience (NDE), and his bestselling book PROOF OF HEAVEN, made the cover of NEWSWEEK Magazine.

Essentially, he is a well known academic neuro-surgeon, and most of his brain was clinically dead. So there was nothing to generate hallucinations.

But his story is also, if not “proof,” at least a very strong kind of support for truths of family constellations.

Birth Parents of Orphans
Remain Very Important

birth parentsYou see the constellation perspective claims that, even with adoptees (which Eben was), ancestral life-and-love must still flow smoothly through the original birth parents. So we work to connect the child with them spiritually–even if they are unknown or already deceased.

The whole, exciting climax of Eben Alexanders story of visiting the afterlife hinges on a birth family secret. One he never knew– because he was adopted just after being born.


Great Foster Parents

teenagers marryEben Alexander the third (named after his foster father) was the child of teenaged sweethearts, who gave him up for adoption after a few weeks. They were just too young to care for him. But then they later got married and had a large family.

Meanwhile, Eben had wonderful foster parents. When he learned he was adopted, it really just didn’t matter to him. He already felt totally loved and supported.

Healthy, Happy Life and Career

Eben AlexanderAs an adult, Eben became a highly successful, academic neurosurgeon, with his own son–Eben IV. But in constellation work, we very often see that important exclusions emerge in later generations.

And it was this grandchild, Eben IV, of those forgotten birth parents–that developed a huge interest in genealogy and forced his uninterested father to look for them. So Eben III then found them, and first learned that they had indeed later gotten married and had a family (his siblings by birth).

The No-Contact Slide

decline red arrow

But when they refused any contact with him, something changed. His life and career went into what he describes as a 7 year decline. Seems like the flow of life and love from his foster family, real though it was, was after all not enough. Birth family mattered.

The Impact of Connecting

Eben III pulled himself out of that slide, and actually did connect with his birth family–all before the near death experience. Here’s what he says about knowing them:

“…meeting my birth family was the first time in my life that I felt that things really were, somehow, OK . . . This was my first real education in how profoundly knowledge of one’s origins can heal a person’s life in unexpected ways” (p. 66)

But wait, this is only the beginning. Because Eben’s NDE experience uncovered a birth family secret.

Who Was the Beautiful Guide?

In the many many NDE’s that have been written about, there are certain patterns.  One of them involves the “near death” person meeting relatives or some figure from their cultural religious pantheon, who acts as their guide.  In Eben’s NDE, some strangely beautiful woman accompanied him.  He had no idea who she was, or why it was her and not, as usual, a relative or saint or Christ figure or the like.

spirit guideBut her face was burned into his memory and the question of who she was and why she was such a prominent guide bothered him for months.  Let’s flash back now.  Earlier in the book, we learn that one of Eben’s birth siblings was a very special woman, troubled at one point in her life with alcohol just as Eben was.  But she had died tragically a decade before Eben was able to come in contact with his birth family.  He describes the pangs he felt at never knowing her.  No one even showed him a picture of her because her loss pained them as well too much.

The Lost Birth Sister

Finally, after months in confusion about who the beautiful female guide in his NDE was, Eben was finally shown a picture of his birth sister Betsy.  And there it was.  The very face that had smiled at him from this deeper, all-loving dimension.  His lost tree ancestors

So it was a relative, a very important and missing one, that greeted Eben Alexander in the “afterlife.”  And from the family constellation perspective–we see the importance and reality of connections to siblings, parents, and ancestors no longer living corroborated in a striking manner.

Some pattern of deeper energy that contains their essence persists, remains part of our family soul, and can connect with us.  That’s how I read it, anyway.

My Song That Introduced
Eben’s 2014 ACEP Keynote

On a related note, here’s my introduction of Alexander at the conference of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology in 2014.

MRheadshotBlueCroppedWeb_No_Background.jpgMichael Reddy, Ph.D, is a healer, author, and trainer located near Philadelphia.  He teaches familyconstellations, energy psychology, coaching, and shamanism, and uses them to help clients resolve chronic emotional and/or physical suffering.  He has written extensively, including the book HEALTH, HAPPINESS, & FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS.