Ed Lynch, PhD

J. Edward Lynch, PhD

J. Edward Lynch, PhD, the founder of the North American Systemic Constellation Intensive, is an internationally known facilitator and trainer in the Systemic Constellation method.He trained at the Bert Hellinger Institute USA and with the master  German facilitators. As a clinical supervisor and trainer of psychotherapists and family therapists for over 40 years, he has developed insight and skill into helping participants reach their personal and systemic goals. As a student of the Diamond Approach he is interested in psychospirituality and how it may be in communion with systemic constellations.

He is co-author of The Principles and Practices of Structural Family Therapy written with his late wife Barbara. With Suzi Tucker, he was co-editor of Messengers of Healing and has published chapters in books and articles translated into French, Spanish, Russian, and German. In addition, Ed has facilitated workshops and presented at conferences nationally and internationally in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Russia, the Ukraine, and Australia.