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  •  Feature the North American  Systemic Constellations Conference on your  website with text and logo.
  •  Feature the North American Systemic Constellation Conference on the events page of your business website with text and logo.
  •  Send one dedicated email to your mailing list about the conference before early-bird pricing ends (include our e-mail address in the mailing) on Aug. 15.
  •  Send one dedicated email to your mailing list one month before the start of North American Systemic Constellations Conference on Nov. 12-15.
  •  Include a blurb about North American  System Constellations Conference in two newsletters and/or blogs before the event.
  •  Talk about North American Systemic Constellations Conference in your groups, classes, training programs, teleconferences, community presentations, videos and other events.
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You will get:

  • Your name entered in a drawing for 50 percent discount  of conference tuition (must confirm sending of the dedicated emails to receive)
  • Inclusion of your name and your business name with link to your website on our “Marketing Partners” web page
  • E-book with marketing how-to materials for your use after the event
  • Our deep gratitude for your help in serving the constellations community.

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Press Kit

These images are ready for use with your websites, newsletters, Facebook and other social media. You may also print out the posters to post and distribute.

Conference Badge/Postcard


Conference logo


Conference flyer (black and white)


Conference flyer (color)


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Sample text

The North American Systemic Constellation Conference will bring professionals and students from throughout North America and around the world to San Diego, Calif., from Nov. 12-15, 2015.

The conference, titled “Embracing Our Roots, Standing in Our Strength,” will feature more than 50 workshops and other events that show the versatility, depth and innovative potential of this rapidly emerging experiential approach that has demonstrated how the examination of our ancestors’ lives can stimulate positive change for many seemingly insoluble problems.

The quality of human consciousness is being transformed during our lifetime. Family and systemic constellations open a window into these new dimensions of awareness. Be part of this four-day special event, which is expected to draw 300+ participants from the fields of health, coaching, education and organizational consulting. It is an experience that will inspire and energize you personally and professionally. Continuing education credits pending.

The four-day conference takes place at the Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego.

Register for the early-bird fee by Aug. 14.

For more information, to sign up for the mailing list or to register, visit