Steering Committee

Dan Booth Cohen, Co-Director

DBC7I first found Systemic Constellations in 2000 after spending a year intensely looking for them. For the previous 20 years, I had been involved with organizations that worked on violence prevention and conflict resolution. While those efforts accomplished much good, it became clear that there was something missing – something big. A friend who knew Dietrich Klinghardt told me about Constellations and an upcoming workshop led by Heinz Stark in South Dakota. I flew out there and was gratified to meet what I was searching for.

For the last 12 years, I have devoted myself to learning, facilitating, teaching, and sharing the Constellation experience. I stepped in to help organize the 2011 San Francisco Conference because physically bringing together the community will help all of us who are passionate about Constellations to improve our craft, expand our horizons and increase our capacity to share the experience with others. I am thrilled to be collaborating with Leah, Mark and the rest of our organizing team to make the Seattle Conference a turning point for Constellation in North America.


Leah Green, Co-Director 

I am passionate about the global awakening and reconnection with indigenous wisdom, and find Constellations to be an important piece of this movement. I am grateful to Francesca Mason Boring for her powerful facilitator training, and to Mark Johnson and Dan Booth Cohen whom I’ve participated with extensively. It is an honor to join Dan, Mark and our talented steering committee in service to the U.S. Constellation community.

As founding-director of the Compassionate Listening Project, I bring decades of experience as a facilitator/trainer in the field of conflict transformation and reconciliation. Having worked extensively in the Middle East, I find Constellations ideal for working with collective and transgenerational trauma. Until now, I have mostly facilitated in a Mayan village in the Guatemalan Highlands, and have discovered how beautifully Constellation fits with Mayan Cosmovision. I am grateful that conference attendees will be invited to connect with the ancestral field through the traditional Mayan fire ceremony. The conference is a rich and beautiful co-creation and I’m happy to be a part of it.


Mark Johnson, Co-Director

MarkSmile300It is a pleasure to serve the constellation community through our collective efforts to create this year’s conference. There are many hands and hearts working together to bring this vision to fruition. I believe we are all needed to make this conference a success, just as we are all strengthened when we weave together heart, mind and spirit. It is a privilege to work alongside Dan and Leah to honor the Indigenous wisdom traditions that underlie constellation work while acknowledging the emerging contributions of so many exciting innovators.

Beginning in 2000, my finest teacher and primary constellation trainer was G. Dietrich Weth of Frankfurt, Germany. I have been teaching and facilitating this work since 2003, including facilitating constellations for Indigenous North American and South Pacific Tribes. I am the founding director of Seattle Constellations Institute and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Seattle.


Kirsten Love Lauzon, Conference Program

“I am here because I love this work.” Thank you Dan, Leah and Mark for trusting me with this important post ~ I am honored to be of service to the greater constellation community.

I am a dreamer, writer and artist who believes in the power of love and the primacy of the heart. My passion is paleopsychology: a study of the evolution of human consciousness whose practice emphasizes the importance of our innate indigenous wisdom in the emergence of conscious, collective evolution.

I have been facilitating for 7 years, training facilitators for 3 and will continue to learn the work for as long as I breathe. After studying eco-psychology, conscious dreaming and other shamanic practices for many years, my life changed forever after my first constellation experience in 2003 with G. Dietrich Weth, of Frankfurt Germany. I was honored to present my Dream Constellation Process at the 2011 Conference in San Francisco, and I can’t wait to share what I’m doing now!

Barry Krost, Special Events 

Constellations have been an important part of my life since 2002. Growing up with a father and grandparents who survived the Holocaust left me with some deep and painful entanglements and a strong sense of doom.  Through many constellation experiences and facilitator trainings I have a better understanding of suffering, difficult fates and a growing awareness of the amazing love and grace that surrounds us.

I am Family & Systemic Constellation Facilitator doing individual, phone and group constellations in Chicago, IL.  I have trained with Suzi Tucker, Dan Booth Cohen, Scott Bader, Peter deVries and Volker Frank.  For the last 30 years I have been a Bodywork and Energy Practitioner.  My core work is Ortho-Bionomy® which explores the relationship of structure, movement and energy toward developing the correct arrangement where transformation is possible.  More recently I am crafting a blend of bodywork and constellations processes into very effective hands-on sessions.

Website:  and

Alison Fornés, Website and Graphics

Compassion and service have centered my work and practice through my years as an educator, community organizer, intergroup dialogue facilitator, and mindfulness practitioner. Yet, before discovering Constellations, the deep healing necessary for genuine, lasting change was rare and elusive.

While on retreat in 2011, two people shared with me their experiences with this thing called Constellations. Their stories captured me, and I started down a path of study. Incorporating Constellation “play” into my spiritual practice, I experienced significant and synchronistic events that encouraged me to continue on this path.

Today, the way of knowing I have gained through Constellations has become integrated with my spiritual journey. It has revealed to me the Multidimensional Present. I am constantly awed and humbled and thrilled by this work. I live in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley where I have a growing Constellation practice. I am the Website Coordinator and Graphic Designer for the conference.


Lisa Wilson, Scheduling Coordinator 

I am very excited and grateful to Dan, Mark and Leah for leading this team and having me on it.  I was introduced to Constellations in 2011. I was intrigued with Constellations as it added fuel to my own fire.

Constellations brought integration to the crossroads of my trainings, belief system, philosophical concepts and practice. I am honored to be in service for a higher good. Today, I volunteer and support individuals, families, and groups experiencing loss and grief; and, I facilitate workshops emphasizing how to live well with chronic conditions.

In my free time, I love to travel and meet people.

As a business professional, a counselor, and a facilitator, I am trained to help others using many different skills. I have over 20 years of experience assisting others. I am passionate about navigating individuals through darkness into their light by bringing self- awareness, healing and empowerment. My desire is that this conference will fuel your own internal flame and aid you on your journey, whether you are many years experienced, new or young at heart with Constellations.

Heidi Morford, Venue Chair

I am delighted to work with the individuals on this steering committee in a collaborative and supportive effort. As Venue Chair, I am looking forward to creating a warm and welcoming environment for us to enjoy a meaningful conference, and, most importantly, for us to get connected–to ourselves, and to one another.

I also am happy to be joining in on this year’s conference theme. Most who have experienced constellation work know that it can open our hearts, reminding us of the love central to our humanness. Courage at the Edge also calls to mind a principle of permaculture: Optimize the edge–here, we embrace what is marginal, and support transformation based upon diversity and optimal inclusion–precisely what is required in these challenging times as we reclaim our significance to each other, and work together for the social change that meets the needs of all people and our precious planet. See you at the conference!

Kathleen Rauch, Registration Chair

kathleen headshotI am a systemic constellations facilitator with experiences in indigenous wisdom.  I offer group workshops and private sessions.  I am interested in bringing consciousness into embodied awareness through my work and am available to work with a wide spectrum of issues.   I am passionate about human sexuality and support people in finding their own creative expression of sexuality.  I also specialize in constellations attending to issues around birth and fertility.

I am a graduate of the Seattle Constellations Institute.  I am also a graduate of the Corelight Teacher Training Program.  My constellations practice is informed through the transmission of Zulu cosmology by esteemed South African Sangomas, Virginia Rathele and her husband and collaborator, the High Sanusi, Baba Credo Mutwa.