We are pleased to announce the Featured Speakers and Presenters for the 2013 US Systemic Constellations Conference. Each presenter brings their unique approach and insight to Family and Systemic Constellations, and together they demonstrate the richness of Constellation work nationally and internationally. We are grateful for their contributions to the conference.

Francesca Mason Boring

A2: Returning to Membership in Earth Community: Systemic Constellations with Nature – A Book Discussion with the Authors (Panel Discussion)

D1: Honoring the Land: Incorporating Nature into Family Constellations (Training)

Francesca Mason Boring, an enrolled member of the Shoshone Nation, is an international trainer and facilitator of Family Constellations. Her work has been instrumental in the development of Nature and Environmental Constellations, Constellation as Ceremony and Community Constellations.

Vivian Broughton

D3: The Heart of Things – Understanding and Working with Trauma in Constellations (Training)

Vivian Broughton is a Gestalt Psychotherapist (since 1989, qualified in 1992 with the Metanoia Psychotherapy Training Institute in London) and Trauma Constellations Therapist. She first came across family constellations in 1996 when Hellinger first came to the UK.

Thomas Bryson

D2: Encounters with Death and the Power of Presence (Training)

Thomas Bryson is an American living and working in Munich with his German wife and colleague Dr. Ursula Franke-Bryson. He brings to his systemic facilitation and teaching many years of direct care of dying patients and their families as well as a sound understanding of the biological roots of psychology and the practical aspects of systemic therapy.

John Cheney

E1: 5 Element Constellation and Relational Fields (Workshop)

John Cheney has developed a form of Constellation work that is unique in the field. He has utilized the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine as model to represent the human body’s organ regulatory system.

Dan Booth Cohen, PhD

F4: A New Framework for Facilitating Constellations: An Introduction to the Three Dimensions of Consciousness and Three-Person Constellations (Workshop)

Dr. Dan Booth Cohen is internationally known as a psychologist, writer, teacher, peacemaker and Systemic Family Constellation facilitator. This is his second year as Co-Director for the US Systemic Constellations Conference. 

Tata Pedro and Shuni

Tata Pedro Cruz and Nana Shumantla Fenix

Friday Oct 11: Opening Ceremony: Mayan Fire Ceremony

F6: The Mayan Count of Days: The Golden Book of Knowledge of the New Era

Private Healing Sessions

Tata Pedro Cruz is a traditional Mayan Ajq’ij and Day Keeper, and one of the principal authorities of the Council of Mayan Elders of Lake Atitlan. He received the title, “Heart of the Lake Atitlan” K’U’XYA, by his fellow Mayan Council of Elders and Tz’utujil people.

Gloria Davila, MA

C6: The Holistic Haircut: The Barber as Healer, Shaman and Energy Worker (Workshop)

Gloria Davila is the Co-founder and director of the Instituto Sr. Bert Hellinger del Continente Americano which later became the American Institute of Systemic Relationships in Costa Rica, Central America and the Instituto Peregrino de Terapias Sistemicas in Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Dr. John Dore

C1: Constellations of the Self: Jungian Constellations (Workshop)

Dr. John Dore is a retired professor of psychology, linguistics and literature at the City University of New York. For 30 years John trained doctoral students in psychology and discourse analysis. His formal training and experience includes psychoanalysis, neurolinguistic programming, addictions counseling, psychodrama, family therapy and, now, systemic constellations. 

Karin Dremel

C3: The Matryoshka Principle – Constellating Fragments of the Self in Individual Session (Workshop)

Karin Dremel is a bilingual, German trained, integrative healing practitioner. She also has extensive training in somatic and social trauma. In 2011 she founded the Center for Systemic Trauma Healing© in Boulder, Colorado.

Jamy and Peter Faust

B6: Energy Medicine, Consciousness and Constellations (Workshop)

Since 2003, Jamy and Peter Faust have been co-facilitating the Constellation Approach ™Immersion Programs and public seminars.

Deborah Frangquist

C4:Learning from Burnout: Finding Your Right Place in Work (Workshop)

Deborah Gavrin Frangquist is a San Francisco consultant committed to changing workplace cultures so that real people can thrive at work. She has been engaged with Systemic Constellations since 2000.

Ursula Franke-Bryson, PhD

A3: Moving Forward Together with Integrity: Code of Ethics for Constellation Practitioners (Forum/Discussion)

D2: Encounters with Death and the Power of Presence (Training)

Keynote Address: Old Wisdom, New Passion: Past, Present and Future Trends in Systemic Constellations.

Dr. Ursula Franke-Bryson is a German-born psychotherapist and one of the first generation following Bert Hellinger. She is the first PhD in Systemic Constellation. She has a private practice in Munich and together with her husband Thomas Bryson teaches in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas how to integrate systemic thinking, body-centered trauma therapy and the power of presence into one’s own professional practice.

Lisa Iversen, MSW, LICSW

A3: Moving Forward Together with Integrity: Code of Ethics for Constellation Practitioners (Forum)

F2: Tending the Soil: The Facilitator’s Relationship with Reconciliation in America’s Soul (Workshop)

Lisa Iversen has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1993, licensed clinical social worker since 1996, and Systemic Family Constellations practitioner since 1999. She is the author of the book, Ancestral Blueprints: Revealing Invisible Truths in America’s Soul, and of articles published in The Knowing Field, New Spirit Journal, and other publications.

Liz Jelinek, PhD (Candidate)

A5: Epigenetics: The Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma as Seen in Constellations (Presentation)

Liz Jelinek has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is a PhD Candidate in Transformative Studies. Her dissertation explores Epigenetics and the Transgenerational Transmission of Ancestral Trauma as seen in Systemic Family Constellations.

Mark Johnson, M.A., LMFT

F5: Community Ceremony: Healing Our Indigenous Heart (Workshop)

Mark A. Johnson primarily trained in constellation work with Dietrich Weth of Frankfurt, Germany. He has also studied with many leading European trainers.

David Kohlberg

A4: Can Constellations be Useful in Forming New Fields of Social Connectedness? (Presentation)

David Kohlberg is a student and researcher of body based social healing. He is the founder of an organization in India oriented to developing a “spiritually integrated political science”, using, among other things, his father’s theory of 7 stages of moral reasoning wedded to an exploration of the social dimensions of auras and chakras and including “social contract theology”.

Barry Krost, MA

A6: Liminal Action In Indigenous People And Constellations (Presentation)

Barry Krost, MA, NCTMB has been a Bodywork and Energy Healing Practitioner for 30 years. He is a Family & Systemic Constellations Facilitator and an Advanced Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy®.

Carol Kulig

C5: The Art of Blossoming (Workshop)

Carol Kulig worked as a Cultural Anthropologist at Columbia University for the first 25 years of her adult life, researching world cultures with Margaret Mead, Alan Lomax, and Conrad Arensberg and many other anthropologists and ethnomusicologists from all over the world.

Kirsten Love Lauzon

F5: Community Ceremony: Healing Our Indigenous Heart (Workshop)

I began facilitator training with G. Deitrich Weth of Frankfurt Germany in 2004. I continued my training with Mark A. Johnson from 2005-2008. I’ve been facilitating constellations since 2006 and began studying as a Facilitator Trainer in 2009.

Lisa Marie Main

D5: Orders of Love & the Org. Chart: Organizational Constellations (Workshop)

Lisa Marie is an accomplished leader, trainer, executive coach, and master facilitator of interactions that lead to alignment and results-based action for business and organizational leaders around the world. Her acute understanding of the subtle energies and dynamics in human systems, coupled with creativity, are brought-to-life in her sessions.

Michelle McKinney

F3: Power Animal Constellations (Workshop)

Michelle McKinney, MFA, is a full-time shamanic healer and teacher, family and systemic constellations facilitator. She began training in healing arts in 1986. Her experience in shamanism is with teachers and practitioners from many traditions, including advanced Two-Week and Three-Year training programs with Michael Harner Ph.D. and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies; and Two-Year Teacher Training with Sandra Ingerman, MA.

Hella Neumann

E5: Sitting in the Sacred Circle of the Knowing Field (Workshop)

Hella Neumann was trained in Germany with the first generation of Facilitators and Bert Hellinger. She is a Trainer/ Facilitator certified by the German Association for Systemic Constellation (DGfS).

Maori Healers – Nga Ringa e Hapaina

B3: Maori Spiritual Healing (Workshop)

Maori Ceremonial Welcome (Saturday Opening)

Since 2007, the Māori healing group, Homai Hoatu (To give and receive), has been working collectively to enhance the spiritual wellbeing of their Māori people by returning to their marae (traditional meeting house) and offering traditional healing Māori practices. They began on the East Coast of the North Island, New Zealand (Gisborne region) travelling to marae and haapu (sub tribes) who had requested the wananga (education learning forum). 

Rev. Leslie Nipps, MDiv

A6: Representations and Standing Anchors: The Amazing Complementarity of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Systemic Constellations (Presentation)

C8: The Power of the Mini Constellation Format (Workshop)

The Rev. Leslie Nipps, MDiv is a Constellations Facilitator and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner in Oakland, CA. She has a private practice in which she works in person and by skype with clients around the country.

5334- 031Una O'ConnellUna O’Connell

A1: It Takes a Village: Children and Constellations (Panel Discussion)

C2: It Takes a Village: A Workshop for Everyone Involved in Raising a Child (Workshop)
Una O’Connell is a teacher (since 1989) and trained at the Bert Hellinger Institute in New York (in 2001). She works as a systemic family therapist in education.

ONeillEimear O’Neill

E8: Sisters of the H/earth: Irish and African American; Honoring the Ancestral Call (Workshop)

Eimear O’Neill, PhD, a psychotherapist for nearly 40 years around trauma at personal, community and peoples levels, saw in Systemic Constellations, the possibilities of integrating that work with her passion for social change and for creativity in transformative learning. She is also an educator, artist and co-organiser of the Spirit Matters gatherings in Toronto Canada.

Jane Peterson, PhD

B5: Somatic Imaging (Workshop)

D5: The Orders of Love and the Organizational Chart: Organizational Constellations (Training)

Jane Peterson, PhD, is the founder and director of the Human Systems Institute, Inc. She is the originator of Somatic Imaging and the somatic-resonance approach to constellation work. Her work is internationally respected for being tailored to meet the high demands of adult professionals. Jane has taught systemic constellation work – both family and organizational–in Asia, South America, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the U.S.

Sarah Peyton

A4: The Soul’s Song: Bringing Resonant Words to Constellation Work (Presentation)

Sarah Peyton, CNVC certified trainer candidate, and Constellations Facilitator, offers workshops and classes throughout the Pacific Northwest focused on depth work and self-compassion that integrate Interpersonal Neurobiology with the healing potential of verbal and non-verbal empathy and Constellation Work.

Randles133Samvedam Randles

After the Bombing…Archetypal Constellations To Assist Community Healing


Kathleen Rauch

Kathleen Rauch

B2: Embodied Sexuality-Calling our Birthright Home (Workshop)

I am a systemic constellations facilitator with experiences in indigenous wisdom. I offer group workshops and private sessions. I am interested in bringing consciousness into embodied awareness through my work and am available to work with a wide spectrum of issues.

Michael Reddy, PhD,CPC

C7: Building Our Constellation Practices and Presence in North America (Workshop)

Michael Reddy is a facilitator of family and business constellations, author, innovator in the area of teleconferenced trainings and discussion groups, and a crusader for the growth of constellation work in North America. He combines strong academic credentials in cognitive science with training as a shaman that began in 1986.

Belvie Rooks

E8: Sisters of the H/earth: Irish and African American; Honoring the Ancestral Call (Workshop)

Belvie Rooks, is a writer, educator, and producer whose work weaves the worlds of spirituality, feminism, and social justice with a passion for engaged dialogue as a way of bridging various socially constructed divides.

Michaelene Ruhl PsyD, LLP

A5: The Client’s Experience of Family Constellations in Psychological Healing (Presenation)

Michaelene Ruhl, PsyD, LLP, has a doctoral degree in Humanistic and Clinical Psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology. Her research and dissertation was on the experience of Family Constellations in psychological healing. She has completed a three year training course as a practitioner and facilitator of Family Constellations.

Sharon Ruvane, MS CCC-SLP

A1: Panel Discussion: It Takes a Village: Children and Constellations

C2: It Takes a Village: A Workshop for Everyone Involved in Raising a Child.

Sharon Ruvane, is an educator who has watched children labeled as LD or ADHD struggle with finding their place in school for over a decade. An ASHA Certified Speech and Language Pathologist and a Family Constellations Facilitator, Sharon created Kids Constellations to strengthen the social and emotional needs of children in grades 4-6 in an after school program.

Susan Schlosser, MA

E7: The Call of the Wild: Nature Constellations and Facilitating Constellations in Nature (Workshop)

Two rivers have come together in my life. One has its headwaters in my deep love and appreciation of our Mother Earth. Without her, none of us would be here. The other river has its Source with my own Mother and Father, and all my Relations that come before them. Without them, I wouldn’t be here. 

Alexander Shi

E2: Family and Systemic Constellations in China (Workshop)

Mr. Alexander Mingquan Shi is the founder of Deyi House, a place for sharing and tasting traditional Chinese products such as Tao of Tea, Tao of Guqin, Tao of Taichi, Tao of ancient traditional Chinese medicine and Systemic constellations in China. He is a leading family constellations and systemic constellations facilitator in mainland China.

Gary Stuart

D6: Accessing the Knowing Field: Constellating Past Lives, Releasing Romantic Entanglements and Releasing the Dead (Training)

Gary Stuart has been exploring invisible family dynamics as a constellation facilitator for more than 13 years. Now double-certified, his first certification was completed during Heinz Stark’s first U.S. facilitator training in 2000-2002. While continuing his weekly workshops, Gary then completed Bert Hellinger’s first ‘Movements of the Spirit-Mind’ training in Pichl, Austria in 2007 and certified in 2008.

Brigitte Sztab, C.C.

A3: Making it as a Facilitator (Lecture)

D4: The Body Talks – Tracking non-verbal information in constellations and using the body to aid a deeply felt resolution (Training)

In 1997, Brigitte Sztab discovered constellation work in her native Germany and felt called to promote the work in her adopted home state of Washington. She sponsored workshops led by Dietrich Weth of Germany who was her mentor for three years until she began to facilitate in early 2001.

Carla Van Walsum, PhD

A1: It Takes a Village: Children and Constellations (Panel Discussion)

C2: It Takes a Village: A Workshop for Everyone Involved in Raising a Child (Workshop)

Carla Van Walsum, PhD, is a Relationship Expert with a thriving holistic practice for personal growth and healing in South Florida. She has helped 1000’s of clients make quantum progress through her unique combination of psychological, spiritual and metaphysical approaches. 

Elena Veselago

Elena Veselago

E3: Do Universal Solutions Exist in Constellations? (Workshop)

Elena Veselago is director of the Center for Contemporary Constellation Work (Moscow). Elena received her training in constellations work with Bert Hellinger at Hellinger Sciencia as well as with other senior international trainers (Hunter Beaumont, Stephan Hausner, Guni Baxa, Daan van Kampenhout, Margret Barth, Diana Drexler and others) in Russia, Germany, USA.


Rachel Whalley

B5: Bread and Spirit: How to Satisfy Your Soul and Still Get Paid (Workshop)

Rachel Whalley is a Certified Systemic Constellations Facilitator, trained through the Seattle Constellations Institute’s 12-month intensive program in 2010.

Comma Williams

B1: Eagle meets Condor: Psychotherapy and Shamanism (Workshop)

I have been a training and organization development consultant for 25+ years. Fourteen years ago I started my own business, Comma Williams Enterprises. At that time, the main focus of the business was consulting to organizations to design and deliver initiatives primarily for leadership development, diversity & inclusion, cross-cultural competence and customer service.

F1: Circles of Healing: Aligning Your Individual, Relationship and Community Goals with Your Soul Movement (Workshop)


James Woeber is Co-Founder of The Art of Heartful Living Institute, an in-depth energy therapy training program based in San Diego, California, that incorporates energy therapy, systemic constellation work, meditation, breathwork, communication skills, leadership skills, and numerous alternative therapies.