ConstellateUs Proudly Presents

The 10th Annual North American
Systemic Constellations Intensive

July 19 – 23, 2017

The Copper Beech Institute At The Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center
303 Tunxis Rd, West Hartford, CT 06107

Explore a wide range of personal and professional questions through Constellation work,
with the guidance of a highly experienced faculty.

The Circle of Belonging: Taking Our Place In Love

Our theme this year takes into account the dramatic changes that are occurring around the globe. As huge numbers of people move across multiple borders to escape destruction … as issues of inequity take center stage … as diversity is defined in ever-expanding ways … and as the natural environment continues to rise up, the traditional structures are beginning to crumble under the weight of their irrelevance.

We look with a new sense of hope toward the future, believing that Constellation work is uniquely suited to this moment.

The cornerstone of Constellation work is inclusion: the reconciliation among all parts of the self, our family, and our history.

Constellation work prepares us to embrace a future that does not simply replicate what has been.

All Levels of Constellations Experience Welcome

Whether brand new to Constellations, or an experienced facilitator or trainer, the program is designed to provide ample opportunities for participants to set up their own personal Constellations in a safe, supportive environment. For Constellation Facilitators, the 5-day residential immersion establishes a unique field that allows you to mature and advance your practice.

Participants report a greater sense of aliveness, feeling grounded and expansive, filled with humility and awe, and empowered to do their work in the world.   More details about the Intensive Program can be found here.

Outstanding Faculty

Our faculty are among the most skilled and accomplished Constellations Facilitators and Trainers in the US. They represent the richness and depth of experience and innovation in the Family and Systemic Constellations community. Each year, with their guidance and in co-creation with the participants, we create a sacred circle in which profound shifts occur. Through Constellation work, we experience the support of our ancestors, and a deep connection with the Earth and Life.   More details about the Intensive Faculty can be found here.

Sharing Our Gifts, Nurturing Community

We gather in Open Space every evening: self-organized constellations, workshops, conversations, presentations, music, dance or other offerings. This is an opportunity to share your gifts and wisdom with each other, to make lasting connections, and to nurture the bonds of community.

Join Us!

Whether you look forward to the Intensive as an annual event or have only recently discovered Constellations, we invite you to join us in Connecticut!

The Copper Beech Institute At
The Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center

We are pleased to return to the Copper Beech Institute At The Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center in West Hartford, CT!

Delicious food, spacious meeting rooms, comfortable accommodations, and a tranquil setting, the Institute and Retreat Center is an ideal location for the deep healing work and training of the Intensive. The retreat center welcomes the Constellations Intensive!